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Nord Mills has been developing and manufacturing farming machinery for over 30 years, taking inspiration from practical life. Familiarity with Nordic conditions and close links with primary production helps us to recognise matters of animal welfare and everyday life of farmers. This experience makes our products both of high quality and extremely practical. Therefore we strive to be a valuable partner to all farms, regardless of their size!

Innovation, careful attention to manufacturing techniques and a network of right cooperation partners has given us a possibility to make products that serve end-users in the best possible way. Tell us about your experience, your wishes and needs. We will find you solutions that satisfy practical requirements and are well suited for your needs as well!



Product quality is very important to us. We are constantly developing ways to improve the value of our products to your farm.



Everyday farm life generates innovations that make everyday life more comfortable. We strive to cater to small and large needs with equal conviction!



Safety, both for animals and users is important to us. We always take these aspects into consideration and, if necessary, provide guidance to ensure safe practices.



Sustainable development is essential to us. Nord Mills products have a very long life span, and we are well-known for being able to maintain our machines and equipment even after long periods.


Roller Mills and Hammer Mills

Nord Mills has become known for its rolling mills, which are long-lasting and require little maintenance.

Our pride is the rollers, which are among the toughest on the market. By choosing the raw materials and the process correctly, we achieve a hardness level of 60 HRC, which corresponds to the hardness of the bearing surface!

Roll mills are available in traditional grain crimping and grinding variations, where a 20% speed difference between the rollers improves the mill’s grinding ability. The grain is finely ground to keep the ruminant’s rumen acidity and productivity at its peak.


Innovations, such as a pre-crusher, are often the result of a practical need and a close relationship with primary production.

When protein self-sufficiency is increased, e.g. by cultivating legumes, processing the feed can be challenging. The pre-crusher, nominated as one of the best innovations in 2014, was borne to solve this
by processing field beans and peas with ease and can
be attached to any mill.


The hammer mills produced by Nord Mills have a simple structure and are thus extremely reliable in use.

The unique features of Nord Mills hammer mills are the fully tempered rotor units and the service free direct drive. Thanks to inexpensive spare parts and highly wear-resistant components, the running costs are low. The NM500-SM Silo Mill is a good option for sucking in grain and dropping the finished flour directly into the silo for feeding system buffering. is well suited for both liquid feeders and feed mixers.


Depending on the model, the grain can be sucked into the mill and blown forward or dropped directly into the buffer silo.

Silo mills are also available with a tipping funnel, such as the NM500-VS, which allows a wide variety of materials to be fed to the mill and dust is not such a big problem. The mill can also be equipped with a screw box for conveyor operation. The suction blower NM500-IP is capable of transporting flour up to 60 meters without the need for a separate conveyor.


Spiral and pneumatic conveyors


The Nord Mills conveyors are suitable for most conventional feeding applications.

Nord Mills auger conveyors are flexible and reliable devices for transferring of grain and mixed fodder. Individually built conveyors can be installed even in the most challenging locations. A high-quality auger combined with a smooth plastic pipe provides a durable and long-lasting solution.

Spiral conveyors

Depending on the application, flexible spiral augers are available from 75 mm to 110 mm in external diameter. Variety of accessories can be used to build complete, versatile multi-point lines.


Pneumatic conveying is a flexible and efficient method for the transport of grain with good throughput. Direct-drive grain blowers are available in sizes between 1,5 to 5,5 kW, where capacities vary between 3000 to 6000 kg/h in maximum.


When capacity is an essential factor, the belt-driven grain blower with rotary valve maximises the performance. Belt driven grain blowers are available in sizes between 7,5 to 15 kW, where capacities vary between 3000 to 6000 kg/h in maximum.

Suction blowers

Suction blowers have a large variety of applications. Transfer of grain from a silo to a trailer or into another silo is convenient to do. Suction blowers have an engine between 7,5 to 15 kW and maximum capacity between 7 to 12 ton/h.

Spiral conveyors

Depending on the application, flexible spiral augers are available from 75 mm to 110 mm in external diameter. Variety of accessories can be used to build complete, versatile multi-point lines.

Grain blowers

To improve performance and power, choose a rotary valve instead of the injector to feed the grain into the conveyor line. When there is no option for electricity, Nord Mills has a unique model that takes power from working hydraulics of a tractor.

Suction blowers

Besides grain, suction pressure blowers are also convenient for transferring other materials, such as wood pellets. Specialised suction blowers are available for suction and blowing of wood chips, grits, or grain screening waste.



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